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Steve Yong Profile

Who am I? 

I graduated with a marketing degree in 2012, but I began my design career in South Korea in 2015. This is where I found my passion for designing and started looking at things differently. I paid more attention to the details and wonder why certain designs were a certain way. Also, working in a fast pace environment like in Seoul, helped me develop new skills, made me quickly adapt to new trends, and made me hungrier to continue to hone my skills to compete in this competitive field. 

In 2020, I decided to come back home and had the opportunity of a lifetime to work with the Tampa Bay Rays. I always have had a passion for sports and being in that environment for two years allowed me to grow as a professional and experience something that I thought I never could, being on a World Series team!

In 2022, I decided to focus on my design career and started to work for a digital marketing agency as a graphic designer. I miss working with clients and being able to show off designs that leave them speechless. So I decided to start my own business. I pride myself on combining my graphic design, marketing, and website experience to deliver excellence to my clients. I believe that I thrive when I'm being most creative and found my passion in running my own design business, so hopefully, I will have the chance to use my creativity and passion to help your business!

Areas of Expertise

Brand identity



Print Collateral

Small Business Rebranding

Refined Logo Design

Modern Web Design

Art Direction

Motion Graphics

Sports Graphics

Art Direction

Apparel & Merch


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Idea Map

You are the most valuable investment you'll ever make.


Now, let's talk about how I can help your business grow

  1. Do you understand how important and impactful can a custom business website or logo design can have on the viability of your business?

  2. Are you ready to work with an experienced designer with a proven process to help your business grow? 

  3. Will you be willing to invest a little extra to have a professional tell your brand story, how you want people to feel, and what you want them to perceive of you or your brand? 

Here's the thing - you work hard and are great at what you do. You dedicated your life to your business, and don't want to have your hard earn money down the drain. I know how you feel as an entrepreneur, you want someone who can maximize your investment. Well, I understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, and I am the person who will put the same level of care and consideration into all of my client's projects. One thing I learned while being involved in sports most of my life is to have a team-first mentality. I believe that when my clients approach me for their needs, I bring every resource and knowledge to the table. I will go that extra mile to bring my clients success because I believe that we are a team, and I will make sure to bring your vision into a reality so that you can focus on what you do best and bring success to the business.

So what do you say? let's be on the same team and bring success over your competition. 

Ready to grow your brand and amplify your business?

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